Democrats Find Major Issue With Blue State’s Decision

Photo by Max Bender on Unsplash

( – City Council of Chicago approved over $50 million in excess 2021 budget funds to be utilized for handling the immigration crisis caused by the hundreds of immigrants that have been flooding the city. The vote led to division with the council’s Democrat aldermen, whilst also causing division in the Black and Hispanic communities.

Many residents are requesting that the funds be allocated towards addressing Chicago’s homeless population or for supporting the city’s Black communities, which have been neglected for decades. However, Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s busing operations have led to hundreds of immigrants being transported by bus from the border states and towards Chicago and other cities. As a result, the city is now struggling to handle its growing immigrant population, with hundreds of people being left to sleep on the police station floor. Chicago’s city leaders have been trying to find appropriate shelter to handle the influx of people, which has driven up the problems connected to the southern border and the end of Title 42.

The City Council, on Wednesday, approved $51 million in 2021 surplus funds to be used for handling the immigration crisis. The vote passed with more than a dozen Democrats joining the one independent who voted against the bill in a 34-13 vote. The money is going to be used for sheltering and covering the needs of the immigrants arriving in the city.

This decision was not easily reached, with tweets from WTTW politics reporter Heather Cherone alleging that the Aldermen had repeatedly yelled at each other, as many members of the crowd were being escorted out by security.

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