Democrats Move To Drag Trump’s Son-In-Law Into Court

Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

( – James Comer, the Republican Chairman of the House Oversight Committee from Kentucky, has dismissed efforts by Democrats to turn the investigative spotlight onto Jared Kushner, former President Trump’s son-in-law and ex-White House advisor. This rejection came in response to a letter from Jamie Raskin, a Maryland Democrat and the committee’s ranking member, urging a probe into what he termed as Kushner’s “apparent influence peddling and quid pro quo deals.”

In a conversation with Fox News Digital, Comer asserted that Kushner’s business dealings are legitimate and accused Democrats of trying to divert attention from President Biden, amidst ongoing impeachment inquiries by the committee’s Republican majority. These inquiries are based on allegations that Biden, as vice president, engaged in corrupt practices to benefit his family through international business ventures, claims both Biden and the White House have refuted.

Comer argued to Fox News Digital that unlike the Bidens, Kushner has a credible business background that extends beyond Donald Trump’s political ascendancy, accusing Democrats of attempting to protect Biden from congressional oversight. He pledged that the committee would persist in investigating the alleged misuse of office by Biden and his family.

Raskin, together with Representative Robert Garcia from California, critiqued Comer for allegedly allowing Kushner to evade their investigative requests. They highlighted a New York Times report outlining Kushner’s pending substantial real estate transactions in Albania and Serbia, which coincide with Trump’s pursuit of a second presidential term, to underscore their call for an inquiry into Kushner’s financial engagements with foreign governments, suggesting these were reciprocated favors from his time in the White House.

The dispute highlights a broader political clash, with Democrats focusing on Kushner and Trump’s circle, while the Republican-led committee intensifies its examination of Hunter Biden’s overseas business activities, especially in Ukraine and China.

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