Democrats Move to Lock Down Hispanic Voters

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( – The campaign branch of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus (CHC), known as Bold PAC, is initiating its voter mobilization efforts in anticipation of the November election, forming partnerships with local grassroots organizations in Arizona, Florida, and Texas. These efforts are being made public on Thursday, with a particular focus on these states due to their crucial congressional races.

Rep. Linda Sánchez of California, who chairs Bold PAC, emphasizes the critical role of Latino voters in the upcoming 2024 elections. Their participation could significantly influence whether the Democrats maintain control of the White House and Senate, and potentially regain the House. The stakes are high for the Latino community and the nation, highlighting the necessity for mobilized and enthusiastic Latino voter turnout in favor of the Democratic candidates.

Bold PAC’s primary aim is to increase the CHC’s representation, yet its distinctive emphasis on Hispanic voters grants it special access to this electorate, a segment that other official party committees may find challenging to reach effectively. The group’s engagement in voter turnout could play a pivotal role in influencing the broader electoral landscape, especially in presidential and other high-profile races within states like Arizona that have substantial Latino populations.

The organization has a keen interest in Senate races within the launched states, particularly those that might expand the CHC’s presence in the Senate. Victoria McGroary, the executive director of Bold PAC, notes the rarity of favorable Senate opportunities and the committee’s historical focus on promoting Latino representation in the Senate, citing the support for Senator Catherine Cortez Masto of Nevada as an example.

In Arizona, Bold PAC collaborates with Living United for Change in Arizona (LUCHA) to support Rep. Ruben Gallego’s campaign for the Senate seat currently held by retiring Sen. Kyrsten Sinema. This race represents a prime opportunity for the CHC to either maintain or increase its Senate membership.

While the CHC is not defending many Senate seats in this cycle, Bold PAC’s efforts are also directed towards Florida, where former Rep. Debbie Mucarsel-Powell is challenging incumbent Republican Sen. Rick Scott. Florida remains a focal point for the CHC, with significant efforts to engage the Puerto Rican community and other Latino voters, despite the state’s recent trend towards the Republican Party.

Bold PAC’s strategy includes significant financial investments in mobilization, with an initial focus in Texas alongside Somos PAC Texas. This approach is intended to impact a series of House races and potentially boost Latino voter turnout, particularly in regions like the Rio Grande Valley, known for its higher engagement in local elections. The PAC emphasizes the importance of timely and strategically applied investments to ensure the efficacy of its mobilization efforts.

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