Fani Willis Not Out of the Woods Yet

Photo by Marianna Smiley on Unsplash

( – Former President Donald Trump along with several of his co-defendants in the Georgia election interference case requested a judge to receive permission to appeal the latest ruling which gave Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis (D) the option to continue being part of the prosecutor case. The prosecutor whom she had a romantic relationship with was removed from the case. 

The eight defendants filed a joint motion of nine pages asking Judge Scott McAfee for a certificate of immediate review which would give them the right to proceed with an appeal of the recent ruling to a higher court before the start of the racketeering case trial. 

Trump and a dozen others have been accused of having participated in a criminal enterprise that was focused on allowing former President Donald Trump to continue being in the White House despite him losing the 2020 presidential election. Trump along with the co-defendants in this motion have all pleaded not guilty to all charges relating to this case.

Trump’s lead attorney in this case Steve Sadow claimed that the ruling was “ripe” for review. In the motion, it was noted that the Court had determined that District Attorney Willis’ actions had only resulted in an appearance of impropriety that was present in this case. It further pointed out that the ruling had shown that there was reasonable reason to think that District Attorney Willis had not been free of influences when exercising her judgment. 

On Friday, McAfee had ruled that Willis’ previously romantic relationship with Nathan Wade, the special prosecutor, had been a conflict of interest in this case. 

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