Former Attorney Talks Trump During Interview in Prison

( – On Tuesday, former attorney Michael Avenatti did an interview on MSNBC from prison. During his discussion with Ari Melber, he discussed former President Donald Trump’s hush money case in New York which he argued was “stale.”

While on the phone from Terminal Island Prison in California, Avenatti stated that he believes what he is about to say might be surprising to many people, but when it comes to the hush money case, he believes it is the wrong time and case. He added that this case was stale.

He continued by explaining that the case related to conduct that had occurred around eight years ago, and the fact that this was a state court case was a mistake. As he pointed out, if one could potentially deprive millions of Americans from being able to vote for their first choice in the White House, it is a mistake to do so in a case like this one.

Melber appeared to be surprised by the response given by Avenatti and questioned whether he had been in contact with Alvin Bragg, the Manhattan District Attorney. Avenatti had previously been Stormy Daniels’s attorney, with his former client now being a key witness in this case.

Avenatti declined to answer whether or not he and Bragg had been in communication, but he did note that there were many problems with this case. He continued by arguing that it was not possible for Trump to get a fair trial in New York and that most likely this case would result in his conviction.

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