Former Justice Attacks the Supreme Court

Photo by Adam Michael Szuscik on Unsplash

( – Former Supreme Court justice Stephen Breyer in a recent interview with Politico argued that the current conservative majority on the course was going to result in the United States getting a Constitution that is not wanted by anyone. 

While speaking to the media outlet ahead of his new book being released, he elaborated that the court continues to interpret the Constitution in a way that is going to result in the American people having a Constitution that is not wanted by anyone. In his new book, the former liberal justice has blasted some of the Constitution interpretations by his former conservative colleagues, especially in regard to landmark cases in the Supreme Court. 

Ankush Khardori, a senior writer at Politico Magazine, reported on the interview. At some point during the interview, Khardori asked Bryer regarding a warning he had made in his new book regarding “originalism” and even noted that the former justice had referred to this type of interpretation as being “regressive.” He continued on by claiming in his book that this type of interpretation was going to result in the court not being able to bring forward modern solutions to modern problems. 

Breyer confirmed these points during the interview and declared that when the country’s founders were writing the Constitution and ensuring that certain basic rights would be protected, there was no mention of women as being included in the political process. As he pointed out, at the time there were slaves and women who were not given the right to vote, nor were they being included in the political process. 

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