Gun Crime of Highest Concern for Americans?

Photo by Maxim Hopman on Unsplash

( – The Gallup poll has found that there has been an increase in the number of Americans who believe these are the top issues that the country is currently facing.

Seven percent of respondents stated that guns and gun control were the top issue that the U.S. is currently facing bringing the issue to the fifth position on the poll, while six percent determined that crime and violence were the most important issue, making it the sixth issue on the list.

Americans still appear to be more concerned about leadership, the economy, the rising cost of living, inflation, and immigration. However, there was a significant jump in the number of people who claimed that guns and crime are the top issue, as last month only three percent had placed it in that position. Guns on their own had only been noted by one percent of respondents as the top issue.

The increase in the concerns about crime and guns is largely driven up by the Democrats as in March only three percent had deemed it one of the top issues, while in April 18 percent believed it to be a top issue.

The survey was conducted following the shooting at a private Christian elementary school in Nashville, Tenn., which left three adults and three 9-year-olds dead. This might have slightly driven up the number of people who view crimes and guns as the top issue the country is currently facing.

The Gallup poll had a four percent margin of error and it surveyed 1,013 adults from April 3-25.

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