Guns Rights Group Fighting To Get Their Rights Back

Photo by maxx ❄ on Unsplash

( – On Monday, the National Association for Gun Rights (NAGR) requested the Supreme Court to review the assault weapons ban in Illinois, which had been upheld by a federal appeals court last year. 

In November the 7th Circuit had determined that the assault weapons ban posed reasonable limits on the Constitution’s Second Amendment. However, the NAGR challenged this assessment. 

In a statement by NAGR’s legal arm executive director Hannah Hill, she pointed out that from the start they had argued that under the Constitution, and the Heller and Bruen precedents set by the Supreme Court it is not possible to ban “assault weapons.” As she pointed out, in order for the appeals court to make their ruling, they had to rule that “AR-15s aren’t guns.” She proceeded to say that this was how clear this case was and that they looked forward to having the Supreme Court strike down the “unconstitutional gun bans” completely. 

Following the 2022 Highland Park Fourth of July parade shooting, Illinois passed last year an assault weapons ban. The shooting had resulted in 48 people being injured while 7 had lost their lives. The law specifically bans the distribution and sale of high-capacity magazines and assault weapons.

This is the third time that the Supreme Court would need to deal with the Illinois case. In two of the previous attempts, they had denied pausing the law under emergency relief. Emergency ruling qualifications can be harder to make, however, the justices could still decide to hear the case on its normal docket. 

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