Highly Controversial Senator Won’t Run for Re-Election

Photo by MIKE STOLL on Unsplash

(ConservativeFreePress.com) – Senator Kyrsten Sinema from Arizona, an independent, has announced she will not seek reelection, thereby sidestepping a potentially complicated three-way electoral battle that could have placed the Democratic Party in a precarious situation. Through a video message shared on social media, Sinema expressed her belief that the current political climate does not favor her method of prioritizing compromise and collaboration.

Asserting her commitment to civility and bipartisanship, Sinema remarked, “I believe in my approach, but it’s not what America wants right now. Because I choose civility, understanding, listening, working together to get stuff done, I will leave the Senate at the end of this year.”

Throughout her term, Sinema has played a critical role in Senate negotiations, contributing significantly to the passage of key legislation like the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and the CHIPS and Science Act. However, her stance on various issues, including her opposition to the Build Back Better package alongside Senator Joe Manchin and her refusal to support the abolition of the filibuster, has led to discontent among progressive circles.

Sinema’s shift from the Democratic Party to independent status in late 2022 and her decision not to run for a second term simplifies the Arizona Senate race, positioning it as a contest primarily between Democratic Representative Ruben Gallego and Republican Kari Lake, with Pinal County Sheriff Mark Lamb also in the running for the GOP but with Lake being the frontrunner.

This development is likely to be a relief for Democrats, as it resolves the dilemma of whether to support Sinema, who, despite her independent status, has caucused with Democrats and holds the advantage of incumbency, or to throw their support behind Gallego. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has already expressed full support for Gallego’s campaign.

The Cook Political Report has classified Sinema’s Senate seat as a “toss-up,” indicating the highly competitive nature of the upcoming election. Gallego, acknowledging Sinema’s service, emphasized the critical issues at stake for Arizona, including abortion rights, housing affordability, water security, and the defense of democracy. He called for a unified front against Lake and her extremist views.

Lake, on her part, acknowledged her differences with Sinema but commended her for her stance on the filibuster and her resistance to pressure from the left wing of her party. With Sinema’s withdrawal, the focus intensifies on the looming electoral showdown between Gallego and Lake, highlighting the evolving political dynamics in Arizona.

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