Lauren Boebert’s Days in Congress Numbered, According to Democrat

( – Adam Frisch, the Democrat who almost won against Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) in last year’s midterm election, has already launched his 2024 bid for the seat. Frisch, who only lost by less than half a point, is going to try again to win a seat in Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District, according to his campaign which was released on Tuesday. On Wednesday, he is also set to have an in-person event to launch his campaign.

In a statement, Frisch said that what the midterm elections clearly showed is that Boebert is “weak” and that she could be defeated. This is why he has launched a congressional campaign for the 2024 election.

In November, Frisch caused a lot of stir for his close race with Boebert. At some point during the race, he was even winning by 64 votes. This is highly unusual for a candidate whose only electoral experience so far had been in the Aspen City Council.

Boebert managed to retain her seat by winning 546 more votes. The .16 percentage points difference led to an automatic recount of the votes, as per Colorado requirements, which ultimately led to the confirmation of Boebert’s win.

Frisch had conceded the race to Boebert even before the recount noting that he considered the chance of enough votes changing so that he could win “very small.” In his announcement video for the 2024 campaign, he called Boebert “everything that’s wrong with Congress.” He then specified that he was referring to Boeber’s stance against abortion access and her vote to not have the 2020 presidential election results certified.

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