Republican Rages After Ocasio-Cortez Gets Mocked

Dimitri Rodriguez, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

( – Matt Gaetz slammed Fox News hosts for being “childish” over their latest remarks on “The Five” last week about him and Rep. Ocasio-Cortez being involved in a hypothetical romance.

The comments in question were mostly made by host Greg Gutfeld, who started making the remarks about the hypothetical romance after the two House members, along with a group of other Representatives introduced a bill last week which would ban Congress members and their families from trading stock. Gutfeld reportedly said, “I smell a romantic comedy.” He then proceeded to make up the entire plot about how the two first started working together to fight against a corrupt practice and end up falling in love.

Gaetz, on Tuesday during an episode of his podcast “Firebrand,” stated that two Congress members should be able to collaborate and work together on policy that will make Congress “more honest and more ethical” without having to face this type of “childish and immature” remarks. He then added that to him it was “childish” that media outlets constantly “oversexualize” everything that Ocasio-Cortez is involved in, but that is not something that they do to men.

Jesse Watters, another host on the show, interjected during Gutfeld’s commentary to point out that Gaetz is married, while Ocasio-Cortez is engaged. Gaetz commended her for this interjection adding that Watters and his wife were actually there when Gaetz and his now-wife went on their third date. He proceeded to note that not only was he married, but he was “happily married.”

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