Stanford Student Reveals There Are Concerning Threats Against Biden on Campus

Photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash

( – Stanford University student Theo Baker has revealed that on campus there is a debate regarding the Israel-Hamas war that has escalated. He further claimed that there were students who were shockingly calling for President Joe Biden’s death. 

On Tuesday, Baker published an article in the Atlantic in which he stated that Hamza El Boudali, who was one of the leaders in his computer science class, said, “I’d be happy if Biden was dead.” He proceeded to say that he did not believe that this was the action that should be taken by any civilian but rather he argued that it was something that the military needed to do according to what a 23-year-old student from the university had told a group of protesters. 

El Boudali argued that while he was not calling for any vigilante to take such action, he did believe that Biden was guilty of mass murder and as such should be treated similarly to the way that any terrorist that had “darker skin” would be. 

Baker stated regarding El Boudali that he believed that Stanford was complicity with the Palestinian genocide and that Biden was in part responsible. He has also argued that the October 7 attack on Israel by Hamas had been justified and had been an act of resistance. He proceeded to argue that he would prefer to have Hamas rule America rather than having the Biden administration. El Boudali would also answer though that his cause is peace.

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