Texas Judge Blocks Ken Paxton

Photo by Tingey Injury Law Firm on Unsplash

(ConservativeFreePress.com) – District Court Judge Francisco Dominguez in Texas has blocked Attorney General Ken Paxton’s push to launch an investigation into the El Paso migrant shelter that provides food to asylum seekers. 

Paxton had previously filed a subpoena for Annunciation House, which he referred to as a “stash house” that was involved in human smuggling.

On Monday, the Texas judge argued that Paxton had been trying to run over the shelter without considering fair play or the process, which brings into question what has motivated Paxton’s move to attempt to prevent the shelter from providing access to its social and humanitarian services. 

He added that there were concerns about these efforts being predetermined and being a part of blocking Annunciation House from providing its services. 

Annunciation House founder Ruben Garcia had noted during an earlier interview that the move from Paxton had caused fear to entities in Texas, as people were questioning whether this meant that the Attorney General had the right to just head into any institution or business and request an examination. He added that this had brought forward important questions about whether or not this was a good way to operate. 

In the hearing last week the judge had accused Paxton’s office of not openly expressing their intentions as they tried to go after the non-profit organization. He added that there was no attempt for negotiation which has resulted in the court being even more concerned about the possible ulterior motives and far outside the requirements of the law. 

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