Texas Republican Under Investigation

Photo by Pete Alexopoulos on Unsplash

(ConservativeFreePress.com) – On Tuesday, the House Ethics Committee disclosed that it has initiated an investigation into Rep. Troy Nehls, a Republican from Texas. While the specific details of the inquiry were not made public, Nehls himself indicated that the focus is on his campaign’s financial activities. Nehls expressed his willingness to cooperate with the committee, asserting his campaign’s adherence to Federal Election Commission (FEC) regulations and transparency in financial matters.

Michael Guest, a Republican from Mississippi and the Chair of the House Ethics Committee, together with Susan Wild, a Democrat from Pennsylvania and the ranking member, stated that the probe into Nehls was triggered by information received from the Office of Congressional Ethics (OCE) on December 11. The OCE operates independently and nonpartially, evaluating misconduct claims against lawmakers and their staff.

The committee plans to declare its next steps by May 10, emphasizing that the initiation of an inquiry or its continuation, along with the obligatory public disclosure of such actions, should not be construed as an indication of any wrongdoing or a judgment by the committee.

The specifics of what aspects of Nehls’s campaign finances are under scrutiny remain unspecified. Nehls secured his Congressional seat in the 2020 elections, representing the 22nd District of Texas, following his tenure as the sheriff of Fort Bend County.

The Ethics Committee’s last notable investigation was into former Rep. George Santos from New York, resulting in his congressional expulsion. The committee, in a detailed report, found Santos guilty of violating federal criminal laws and other conduct standards, leading to a decisive bipartisan vote in the House for his expulsion.

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