Top Conservative Foundation Flips on Republicans?

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

( – The Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank that has been around for five decades, is planning a major transformation.

The Heritage Foundation has always been considered to be at the center of the conservative network in Washington that is driving policy and politics. However, the think tank is considering pulling the pack on its foreign policy and instead promoting ideas about free market economics that resemble those ideas that the “New Right” post-Trump populism is promoting.

This transition is widely led by Heritage Foundation President Kevin Roberts, who first joined the organization in 2021. Roberts, in an interview with The Hill, stated that he wanted to dissociate this idea that people have about the Heritage being part of “Conservatism Inc.”

He added that while the organization would not be losing its roots, they were hoping to instead focus on also “recognizing the present-day policy and political challenges are different” than the ones that concerned the nation a decade ago. He added that one of the shifts that are clear in the organization is their opposition to providing aid to Ukraine last year when two decades prior, they had supported the U.S. invasion of Iraq.

Another change Roberts noted is a change in their approach towards the free market. He added that one of the things that Heritage is going to be focusing on is reminding conservatives that “the free market is not an altar,” but rather it “is a good.”

Finally, Roberts is also looking for Heritage to have a more confrontational style, claiming that “radical candor” was something that the organization approved of.

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