Top Sports Figure Trashes MAGA Supporters

Photo by Michael Discenza on Unsplash

( – Sportscaster Bob Costas was recently slammed by panelists from “The Big Weekend Show” only hours after he had claimed during an appearance on CNN’s “Smerconish” that Trump’s supporters were part of a “toxic cult.” 

Fox News contributor Guy Benson pointed out that around 74 to 75 million people in the country had voted for former president Trump, and that he was uncertain whether or not that was a good look for Costas. 

The discussion continued from former President Donald Trump’s victory in the South Carolina primary race against Nikki Haley, with Benson and Fox News contributors Lisa Boothe and Katie Pavlich also slamming Costas and providing their takes on the current political state. 

Pavlich specifically claimed that it was a “deplorable moment” for someone in the sports world to be claiming that Trump’s supporters are a cult. 

Boothe also argued that this alleged criticism could have easily been applied to whoever was winning the presidential race in the Republican party, as the goal is hoping to win back the White House in 2020. The primary race is currently down to two people, with Trump having won all the caucus and primary victories, thus he is the most likely person to become the party’s nominee. 

She proceeded to point out that even if Nikki Haley managed to somehow win the nomination, which she was unlikely to do, then she would be facing the same trouble. She pointed out that John McCain had been characterized as a racist while Mitt Romney had been frequently called sexist during his presidential campaign. She added that all Republicans had a target on their back. 

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