Trump Accused of Fearing Chris Christie

( – On Monday, Former Republican Rep. Adam Kinzinger claimed that former President Donald Trump was terrified of former New Jersey governor Chris Christie who is one of the 2024 presidential candidates.

Kinzinger claimed while appearing on CNN that Trump’s decision to not attend the first Republican primary debatel which was scheduled for Wednesday, was the incorrect decision, especially as Trump is trying to convince GOP voters that they should choose him as the party nominee despite his electoral losses in the last few elections.

Kinzinger, who has often criticized Trump and is currently a CNN political commentator, argued that while he was certain there were certain political consultants who might have argued that there was no point in going to debate, the reality is that Trump is a “coward.” He proceeded by saying that Trump is “scared to death” that the former New Jersey Governor would “gonna wipe the floor with him.”

Christie is one of the most vocal opponents that Trump has to face during this presidential race, often referring to him as a “certified loser, verified coward” over his decision to not attend the Republican primary debate scheduled to take place in Milwaukee.

On Sunday, Trump took to Truth Social to announce his final decision regarding the primary debate stating that he is not planning to attend. This decision was justified through his argument that he is leading the primary race by a significant difference which is why there is no point in him attending.

In his post, he also argued that the American people know how successful he was as a President and how many good things he had done for the economy and energy independence which is why he will not be attending the debate.

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