Trump Compliments Joe Biden

Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

( – Donald Trump took to Truth Social to express his support for the statements that President Joe Biden made during his State of the Union Speech. In his comments, Trump said that Biden had put “into words what he felt.”

The former president said that Biden had clearly worked very hard for the State of the Union address because this is not his strong suit or what feels natural to think, and yet it was very clear that he had tried to give the best possible speech.

While Trump has already announced that he had placed another bid on the White House for 2024, which would effectively once again put him against Biden, Trump still acknowledged that his longtime rival deserved credit for the State of the Union address. Trump added that Biden had managed to end the night on a much stronger note than he had started it.

Biden, while giving his State of the Union address, said that the American story was one of “progress and resilience.”

He added that they were the only country that had managed to face every adversity and rise from every crisis stronger than it had before. His comments throughout the address focused a lot on collaboration and bipartisanship, calling for unity between the Democrats and the Republicans. As he noted, much like the two had managed to collaborate during the previous Congress, they should be able to once again collaborate during this new Congress. As he noted the two parties had proved that they could work together over the past two years.

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