Trump Issues Stern Warning to the Supreme Court

Photo by Adam Michael Szuscik on Unsplash

( – Former President Trump has called for the U.S. Supreme Court to dismiss the election interference case against him by reversing the ruling by a lower court which had found that he did not have presidential immunity to protect him. 

Trump has had two courts turn down his claims as he has continuously stated that up until Jan. 6, he had been in office and that all of the actions he had taken related to his role as the U.S. president. As he has claimed, this is something that afforded him immunity from the criminal charges that have been filed against him. 

In the brief, Trump’s legal team has claimed that denying criminal immunity would leave every president in the future incapacitated as they would not be able to take actions while in office without fearing extortion or blackmail. In the filing, it is stated that this would be destructive to the U>S. political system in its entirety and that the vital consideration would be enough to have this case dismissed. 

The Supreme Court has set the hearing for this trial for April 25. 

Trump’s team has maintained that the only way for U.S. presidents to be criminally charged is if they are convicted by the Senate. This argument is different from the one his team had made during Trump’s second impeachment which related to the Jan. 6, Capitol attack. 

Trump’s attorneys have argued that according to that clause in the Constitution, a president who is not convicted is immune to any kind of prosecution. 

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