Trump Says Americans Being Held Hostage in Foreign Nation

Photo by Mohammad Rahmani on Unsplash

( – Former President Donald Trump has frequently blasted President Joe Biden over the messy withdrawal of American forces from Afghanistan in 2021. His campaign has also frequently claimed that the withdrawal had led to what he claims is hundreds or potentially thousands of American citizens who ended up trapped in the country that is now under Taliban rule. This broad point is one that even some Democrats have conceded to. 

Earlier this month on Super Tuesday Trump noted in his victory speech that for a year and a half there had not been anyone in Afghanistan that had died, but all of that changed during the botched withdrawal which resulted in 13 soldiers losing their lives. As he pointed out there were another 38 people who ended up horribly wounded while other Americans were left behind without an option to escape. 

Trump claimed that there were still Americans who were left in the country and that those people could potentially even be referred to as “hostages.” 

Last week Trump put out a campaign video in which he made a similar claim about how there were many American people who were most likely “hostages” and who continued to live in Afghanistan. 

However, two senior Biden administration national security officials were quick to refute this point as they told NBC News that currently there were only two Americans that the U.S. government was calling for the Taliban to release and that any other American who had remained in the country had done so by choice. 

The first official pointed out that all Americans who had wanted to live in the country had done so and that there was not a single person that had been left behind. They proceeded to point out that each month the United States was also helping to bring Afghan allies out.

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