Another Republican Considering 2024 Run

Photo by Srikanta H. U on Unsplash

( – Republican Governor of Virginia, Glenn Youngkin, has been sending mixed signals about whether or not he would be joining the 2024 presidential race during a time when many have questioned whether Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is a viable candidate in the 2024 GOP primary presidential race.

Last week, Youngkin released a video clip that seemed to have the makings of an upcoming presidential campaign announcement. Axios, also during a report last week, stated that Youngkin was weighing his options and strongly considering launching a 2024 presidential bid after he received a lot of support from his donors to join the race. However, last month, Youngkin had stated that he was not planning on joining the presidential race in 2023.

Battle-hardened GOP politician, Saul Anuzis, has stated that Youngkin could potentially be a “very attractive alternative” as his style and demeanor are completely different. He further added that it would be possible for many voters to find him appealing, and that many of the activists looking for a red candidate to take back the White House have turned towards him. As he concluded, winnability is gradually becoming a more important issue.

However, Youngkin’s team has also maintained that Youngkin’s focus is entirely set on Virginia as he is preparing for the legal battle in the fall. Anuzis also recently spoke with The Hill, where he stated that this is something the governor also spoke about during the Republican Governors Association conference in Austin, Texas. During the meeting, Youngkin repeatedly claimed that his focus was on Virginia.

Not too long ago this month, the governor also stated that currently both the state’s House and Senate are up for grabs and that their Senate is currently controlled by the Democrats, with the House being controlled by the Republicans. This is why their focus is going to be on Virginia.

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