Biden Tries To Crush New Presidential Party Group

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

( – In a recent interview with ProPublica, President Joe Biden revealed that a hypothetical “No Labels” presidential candidate would only be helping Trump. John Harwood proceeded to ask Biden about the statement made by former Senator Joe Lieberman who argued that through his pursuit of a third-party candidacy, he was “upholding democracy.”

In response, Biden argued that Lieberman had the democratic right to join with a third party, but that this choice was an obvious “mistake” in his opinion as it would only be assisting Trump. Nonetheless, he maintained that the former Senator had the right to join the Senate race in that way.

In late August, Lieberman, who is the “No Labels” founding chair, said that he did not want to be a “spoiler.” He added that polling shows that the American people did not have any confidence in the two major parties and that the majority were not interested in choosing between Biden and former President Donald Trump. He further claimed that a third-party bid would only be launched by the party if they believed there was a possibility of them winning. Lieberman has also maintained that if “No Labels” launched a ticket then it would be bipartisan and it would draw in votes from both parties.

Harwood proceeded to also ask Biden whether he believed that democracy could be protected only by himself ahead of the upcoming presidential election. Biden, in response, argued that he was not the only Democrat who could protect Democracy but rather that he was currently the one who is in the best position to ensure that Trump will not win the presidency.

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