Biden’s Approval Rating Absolutely Tanks

Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

( – The latest Gallup poll reveals a dip in President Joe Biden’s approval rating to 38%, just a whisker away from his lowest point. This decline reflects a trio of drops: a 3-point fall since the previous month, a 4-point decrease since August when his approval stood at 42%, and a significant comparison to the 37% low seen in both October and November. This downturn is mirrored in the sentiments of independent voters, where approval has decreased by 3 points since January, leaving only 32% of non-party affiliates in favor of Biden’s presidential performance.

Notably, Biden’s approval within his own party remains high at 82%, albeit reduced from the 98% peak in February 2021. Across the span of his presidency thus far, Biden’s average approval rating hovers at 39.8%, positioning him second from the bottom among post-World War II presidents in their first term, based on Gallup’s historical data.

Biden faces particular challenges in four key areas. Immigration emerges as a significant concern, with only 28% approval of his handling. The situation in the Middle East and his approach to foreign affairs are also areas of concern, with approval ratings at 30% and 33% respectively. The economy, while slightly better at 36% approval, still presents a challenge, despite a 4-point improvement since November, supported by low unemployment rates and a strong stock market.

Biden’s performance on Ukraine stands out with a 40% approval rating, surpassing his overall rating, though his support among Democrats for his Ukraine policy has seen a 6-point decline since November.

Gallup’s analysis indicates a need for Biden to bolster his standing among both independents and Democrats, especially concerning immigration, the Middle East, and Ukraine, to enhance his prospects for a second term as the November elections approach.

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