Hate Against Minority Community at All-Time High

Photo by Cole Keister on Unsplash

(ConservativeFreePress.com) – According to data compiled by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), the number of antisemitic incidents in the U.S. reached an all-time recorded high in 2022. Since last year, there has been a 36 percent increase in the number of incidents recorded.

According to the group’s Audit of Antisemitic Incidents, there were 3,697 incidents total across the United States. The nature of the incidents ranged from vandalism to assault.

More specifically, there was a 29 percent increase in the incidents of harassment, 51 percent in incidents of vandalism, and 6 percent in the number of physical assaults. The group also reported that there was an increase in propaganda activity led by white supremacist organizations. When compared to last year, there was a 38 percent increase in these activities which they claimed was in part because of a growth in the number of white supremacist groups and the number of members they have.

Jonathan Greenblatt, ADL’s CEO, in a release, stated that they were “deeply disturbed” by the increase in antisemitic incidents and noted that they can’t find a “single factor or ideology” responsible for this increase. Still, there have been increases in organized white supremacist propaganda activity, attacks on Orthodox Jews, and the number of bomb threats faced by Jewish institutions.

From 2021 to 2022 there was a 12 percent increase in the number of Jewish institutions targeted. This includes synagogues, community centers, and schools.

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