Israel Vows To Retaliate Against Iran

Photo by Taylor Brandon on Unsplash

( – Israel’s Defense Minister Yoav Gallant informed United States Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin during a phone call that his country did not have a choice but to retaliate against Iran following the large-scale missile and drone attack against Israel. 

The attack had taken place on Sunday, and as Gallant argued, allowing a large-scale attack like this to go unanswered would signal to Iran that they could attack Israel whenever they launch an airstrike in Syria against Iranian interests. 

The Iranian regime has argued that the Israeli airstrike in Damascus, Syria on April 1 had resulted in the deaths of seven senior Iranian officers. 

In response, Austin had reiterated the point that President Joe Biden had previously made about how Israel needed to “take the win” and not move forward with a retaliatory attack. Biden had also warned that the United States would not be supporting a counterattack. 

On Monday, Israel’s War Cabinet had a meeting and is expected to discuss and decide on whether to move forward with a counterattack. Their next meeting is set for Tuesday. 

The Washington Post had reported that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had received a number of possible target options from the Israeli Defense Force, including a possible strike against a facility located in Tehran. The capital city of Iran. 

An Israeli official has argued that the country is planning on sending a strong message but that their retaliatory move would not cause any casualties. They also noted that their allies have been calling for them to not retaliate and that they wanted to continue working with their allies. 

Israel returned fire on Iran overnight on Friday, April 19th.

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