Kevin O’Leary Reveals the Top 2024 Election Issue

Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

( – Investor Kevin O’Leary, known for being a “Shark Tank” investor, has predicted that in the 2024 presidential election, the most important issue was going to be immigration. 

On Tuesday during an appearance on “Jesse Watters Primetime,” he argued that on a bipartisan basis, this had been the number 1 issue. He further claimed that there was a change to immigration and that this was currently an issue that carried a lot of weight on a state level. He pointed out that in New York City there has been a large surge in immigration and that the states were struggling to provide the necessary accommodation for them. 

The investors further pointed out that it was not only New York, but that Chicago also had issues much like several issues were experiencing problems. He added that with less than a year to go until the general election, people were realizing how important the issues that had been left unresolved in 2016 were as it was affecting their “jurisdiction.”

He added that he predicted that this issue would be the most important issue on both sides and that it was going to cause big fights as it was an issue that now “hit home.”

He specifically pointed out that in New York migration was an important issue and that this general election was going to have an interesting outcome. Recently the Senate had failed to pass a bipartisan border deal. President Joe Biden had also pushed a group of governors to put additional pressure on lawmakers in order to have a security bill passed that would allow states that needed temporary workers to deal with those influxes in migration. 

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