Squad Member Caught Funding Who?

Photo by Darren Halstead on Unsplash

(ConservativeFreePress.com) – A Fox News Digital show record has shown that Democrat Rep. Cori Bush’s campaign has paid thousands of dollars to her new husband’s private security services.

Her campaign’s newly released filings show that between January and the end of March, $12,500 were given to Merritts, her husband, for security services. At the same time, Bush also pushed $26,000 to the St. Louis-based PEACE Security, which is a private security firm that hires “security operators” with military or law enforcement experience.

Bush is one of Congress’ top spenders on private security, claiming that the additional protection is necessary because of the previous attempts on her life. Since 2019, she has spent over $500,000 in private security, with most of the funds going to PEACE Security.

Bush and Merritts got married in February of this year, with her office confirming the wedding. The two have been together since Bush took office in 2021. Merritts was first added to her campaign’s payroll in January 2022, and last year he received $50,000 from her committee. This was not counting the hundreds of thousands of dollars that were paid to a private security firm.

Despite the high payments made to Merritts, as of late February, he stopped having a private security license. In St. Louis, individuals are required to have a permit in order to provide security services. Merrits is also not registered in a Washington, D.C. database of licensed security professionals.

Bush’s security payments have greatly come under fire as she is one of the biggest proponents of defunding the police, causing many to call her actions hypocritical.

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