Trump Feels Targeted by Democrats

Photo by Suzy Brooks on Unsplash

( – The trial over former President Donald Trump’s attempts to overturn the 2020 presidential election results has been set to March 4, only one day before Super Tuesday, which is when voters in a dozen states are going to cast their ballots in the Republican presidential primary.

The date was set by U.S. District Judge Tanya Chutkan following a request from special counsel Jack Smith’s team to have the trial date set as Jan. 2. However, the former President’s legal team had instead suggested that the trial should start in April 2026.

On March 5, Super Tuesday is going to take place with the presidential primary taking place in 16 states, including California, Alabama, Massachusetts, Oklahoma, Texas, Utah, and others. The American Samoa are also going to hold their caucus on that day.

Trump is currently leading the 2024 presidential race by more than double digits on every national poll. However, in the next year, Trump is expected to spend a lot of days in court as he has multiple court dates scheduled in connection to his four indictments this year. Depending on when the cases take place, Trump might not be able to be on the campaign trail for a long period of time.

Three of Trump’s trials have already been scheduled for 2024, while there has not yet been a date set for Trump’s fourth case in Georgia, which is also likely to be tried during the campaign season.

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