Trump Furious With Democrats Over 14th Amendment

Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

( – Former President Donald Trump has claimed that the attempts to have him disqualified on the premise of having violated the 14th Amendment was just another “trick” used by states to work against him.

On Monday, Trump took to his social media platform Truth Social to state that all legal scholars have expressed their views on the 14th Amendment to point out that in their opinion there was no legal basis for the Amendment to be used in the 2024 Presidential election. He added that this was just another “trick” employed by “the Radical Left Communists, Marxists, and Fascists,” in an attempt to work against him so that Biden, who is “the WORST, MOST INCOMPETENT, & MOST CORRUPT President” can maintain the Oval Office.

However, many of Trump’s critics and several conservative legal scholars have argued that the 14th Amendment completely blocks anyone who was sworn into office from holding office again if they have “engaged in insurrection” against the United States.

Professors Michael Stokes and William Baude have, in their 126-page report, presented their argument about how Trump’s actions in 2020 should disqualify him from participation in the presidential election because of the constitutional amendment.

The argument regarding Trump’s possible disqualification has also been presented by many prominent Democrats including Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., and Sen. Tim Kaine, D-Va. Following Trump’s recent legal indictments many more people, including several Republicans, have called for Trump to be kept off the ballots.

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