Biden’s China Policy Sparks Controversy

David Lienemann, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

( – In April 2023, the Biden administration changed the process for vetting Chinese illegal immigrants, as noted in an email sent internally to U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP).

The email was obtained by the Daily Caller News Foundation, which reported that a CBP supervisor had sent the email to around 500 Border Patrol agents. According to the new instructions provided by the administration, officials needed to reduce the number of questions asked to Chinese migrants, bringing the total number of questions to five instead of 40. The directive was issued during the increase in illegal crossings which had led to further complications in the work of border agents.

Retired CBP deputy patrol agent in charge J.J. Carrell reviewed the email and stated that there were concerns about how the new policy had expedited the processing of Chinese illegal immigrants while also reducing the ability of officers to identify possible threats. He added that while the new policy might accelerate the process it was not helping improve safety and security in America.

Previously, agents were required to spend hours during the vetting process for each individual Chinese immigrant. Carrell however noted that the simplified guidelines are going to allow for more chances of human smuggling. He added that illegal immigrants could easily be coached to handle the new protocol which only included the five questions posed by CBP.

The email also indicated that the illegal immigrants who managed to pass the new set of questions were going to be released into the United States interior while also being given a court date. This helped to further contribute to the immigration court cases backlog.

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