Border State Sends Furious Message To Congress

Photo by Barbara Zandoval on Unsplash

( – An official from Yuma County, Arizona, has voiced strong opposition to the Senate’s proposed border security legislation, calling for more stringent measures to completely halt illegal entries into the United States. Yuma County Supervisor Jonathan Lines emphasized the need for Congress to collaborate with various stakeholders, including the Freedom Caucus, to develop a more effective strategy for border control.

Lines highlighted the urgent situation at the border, pointing out the visible influx of migrants in various locations, including airports and police stations, and cities struggling to provide for the newcomers due to a lack of resources. He criticized the current legislative efforts as insufficient in addressing the magnitude of the issue.

The bipartisan border security bill, recently unveiled, aims to manage the asylum system more effectively and includes provisions to temporarily close the border under certain conditions. However, Lines argued that the bill falls short of the necessary actions to stem the tide of illegal immigration. He advocated for the reinstatement of certain policies from the Trump administration and called for a comprehensive shutdown of illegal activities across the border, including drug and human trafficking.

The proposed legislation allocates significant funds towards immigration enforcement, border wall construction, and the processing of asylum claims. It also introduces a mechanism for automatic expulsion of migrants under specific circumstances related to the number of illegal border encounters.

Despite these measures, Lines remains skeptical about the bill’s capacity to regain control of the border and address the backlog of cases awaiting adjudication. He criticized the approach of setting thresholds for action and stressed the importance of first securing the border before considering any system based on numerical limits.

Lines also expressed concern about the broader context of the spending package associated with the bill, which includes substantial aid for international allies. He argued that border security should be addressed independently of foreign aid issues, to ensure focused and effective solutions to the distinct challenges at the U.S. border.

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