VIDEO: Texas National Guardsmen Allegedly Caught Smuggling in Illegals

Photo by Humberto Chávez on Unsplash

( – On Sunday, a member of the Texas National Guard, Savion Johnson, was apprehended for allegedly aiding the illegal entry of an immigrant across the southern U.S. border. This incident, captured by a dashcam and reported by Fox News, occurred as Governor Greg Abbott’s administration labeled Johnson as a “traitor and criminal” pending the validation of the allegations.

The arrest, carried out by the Texas Department of Public Safety in Brackettville, Texas, saw Johnson facing charges including evading arrest, smuggling of persons, and illegal possession of a weapon. This incident is part of an active investigation. Brad Coe, the Sheriff of Kinney County, and a Texas National Guard source identified the arrested individual as a guardsman who reportedly used a government vehicle to transport the migrant.

The arrest footage, courtesy of the Kinney County Sheriff’s Office and aired by Fox News, depicts law enforcement officers forcibly removing Johnson from the vehicle, while the migrant managed to flee the scene during the chase.

Governor Abbott’s administration expressed its stern stance against the alleged smuggling activity, emphasizing a strict non-tolerance policy against such violations of law. Abbott remarked on the gravity of the situation, suggesting that Johnson, if found guilty, could face a severe prison sentence, reflecting the state’s commitment to enforcing its border security policies.

These events unfolded against the backdrop of Operation Lone Star, a state initiative led by Abbott to bolster border security in response to what is perceived as federal inaction. The controversy surrounding Texas’ stringent anti-immigration law, challenged by the Department of Justice, came to a head during a courtroom debate before the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals.

The debated law enables local police to detain illegal immigrants and has sparked significant legal contention, especially given the surge in migrant numbers reaching the border. In court, the Solicitor General highlighted the unprecedented scale of the current migration patterns compared to past figures.

The Biden administration has criticized Texas’ border enforcement measures, like the construction of razor wire barriers and the placement of buoys in the Rio Grande, arguing that these actions interfere with federal immigration enforcement efforts. Despite a brief Supreme Court decision to allow the law’s enforcement, it was subsequently halted by the appeals court, pending a more detailed examination of the case.


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