Capitol Police Officers Take Trump To Court?

Photo by Colin Lloyd on Unsplash

( – On Friday, a federal appeals court ruled against former President Donald Trump, noting that he was not protected by presidential immunity and that criminal and civil cases could be brought against him. This is the second time this month that a court has determined that U.S. Capitol Police officers were in a position to sue Trump over the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol insurrection.

Trump had previously tried to argue that at the time he was serving as the President which should grant him presidential immunity against all these cases. This specific ruling relates to a civil lawsuit filed by Capitol Police officer Conrad P. Smith, while the earlier ruling of the court allowed a similar lawsuit brought forward by Capitol Police officers Sidney Hemby and James Blassingame to go through.

The decision specifically noted that the question in these cases was whether or not the actions taken by Trump could be viewed as official functions of his office, which would give him immunity, or whether they could be viewed as part of his re-election activities in which case immunity would not be granted. As the decision pointed out, this was the key question in Blassingame and the case they were looking at was “indistinguishable” from that case in every way.

The panel that made the final ruling had three judges on it, one was appointed by former President Trump himself, while the other two were the appointees of Democratic former Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton respectively.

That being said, a judge has also recently dismissed the lawsuit against Trump regarding the death of Officer Brian Sicknick.

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