DeSantis Loses His Grip on Republicans

( – Ron DeSantis is losing a lot of the favorability that he previously had with GOP voters, as most Republican and Republican-leaning voters appear to be supporting former President Donald Trump, according to recent polls. DeSantis has not yet announced whether or not he will be joining the 2024 presidential race. Despite this, he is widely considered one of the favorites in the GOP primary race and many consider him to be Trump’s biggest challenger.

Recently, he has held visits in key primary states including Iowa and New Hampshire, where he was promoting his new memoir, The Courage to Be Free.

However, recent polls show that there has been a decline in DeSantis’ numbers. If this trend continues, or if DeSantis ends up deciding to not place a presidential bid, then Trump is going to have a potentially easy win in the GOP presidential primary in 2024.

A new Morning Consult survey, conducted March 17-19, showed that 54 percent of “potential Republican primary voters” wanted to see Trump as the GOP nominee, while only 26 percent wanted to have DeSantis as the nominee.

In third place, according to the poll was former Vice President Mike Pence, who also has not announced a presidential bid, with 7 percent. He was followed by Nikki Haley, the former U.S. UN ambassador under the Trump administration, who announced her candidacy in February and is supported by 4 percent of respondents.

The survey was completed by 3,394 potential Republican primary voters, that is from voters who are either already registered or plan to register and vote in the presidential primary.

In a different poll from Monmouth University, Trump was also found to have a significant lead over DeSantis. That poll took place between March 16 and March 20.

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