Lauren Boebert Suffers Major Loss

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

( – A shift in support among previous contributors to Lauren Boebert hints at potential challenges in her quest for re-election in Colorado’s 3rd congressional district for the 2024 primaries.

An examination of campaign finance records by Newsweek revealed a notable change: around 10 individuals who previously contributed almost $13,000 to Boebert’s 2020 run are now financially supporting Jeff Hurd, a Republican candidate and lawyer from Grand Junction. These donors have allocated $17,800 to Hurd’s campaign since his August entry into the race, a stark contrast to Boebert’s recent 66,000 small-dollar contributions.

In response to these developments, Drew Sexton, Boebert’s campaign manager, emphasized to Newsweek her growing support both within the district and nationally, citing significant fundraising success. He expressed confidence in uniting the Republican Party post the primary victory anticipated in June.

However, Boebert’s journey to re-election is anticipated to be challenging. Democratic contender Adam Frisch, coming close to unseating her in a previous race that demanded an automatic recount, is vying for her position again. He’s optimistic about reversing past electoral fortunes in 2024. More immediately concerning for Boebert might be her primary race, where she’s not just up against Frisch but also faces internal party competition.

Frisch’s fundraising has quadrupled Boebert’s in the recent quarter, with his campaign amassing close to $34 million. Hurd, while lagging behind Boebert’s $854,000, has demonstrated significant fundraising ability, garnering $412,000 in less time since his mid-August campaign announcement.

Hurd’s campaign communicated to Newsweek their readiness to match Boebert financially in the forthcoming periods. They expressed gratitude for the substantial support within the district, emphasizing their focus on key local issues such as inflation, water rights, agricultural support, and energy self-sufficiency.

Significantly, Hurd’s financial backing appears to be predominantly from staunch Republicans seeking an alternative within the party to Boebert, rather than district liberals aiming to unseat her through the primaries.

Despite never having held public office, Hurd, who entered the race on August 16, stressed the necessity for a consensus-driven representative in Washington, DC, and committed himself to pragmatic leadership for rural Colorado. His campaign has attracted the endorsement of prominent Republicans, including former Senator Hank Brown and former Colorado House Majority Leader Tim Foster. Other notable supporters include ex-University of Colorado President Bruce Benson, former Colorado AG John Suthers, and ex-University of Denver Chancellor Daniel Ritchie. However, overcoming Boebert’s established presence in the primaries remains a formidable task for any Republican contender.

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