Trump Sends Strange Message To Boeing

Photo by John McArthur on Unsplash

( – On Tuesday, former President Donald Trump pushed for the Boeing 757 aircraft to be brought back. The company has grounded close to 200 aircraft following the recent malfunction of a 737 Max 9 aircraft that had an emergency door panel flying off mid flight.

Trump in his post on his social media platform Truth Social, argued that the 757 was “the most beautiful, best handling” aircraft that the company had created. He then pushed for them to stop making “crazy extensions’ ‘ to the 737, which was the “worst looking” aircraft. He added that all that led to was the 737 Max which seems to be “cursed.” He then stated that the company needed to return to the 757 as he had done.

Following the Jan. 5 incident, when an emergency door panel from a  737 Max 9 detached while the aircraft was at an elevation of 16,000 feet, the stock of Boeing has dropped. The emergency resulted in the side of the plane having a gaping hole.

On Saturday, the Federal Aviation Administration ordered that around 171 Boeing planes would need to be temporarily grounded.

Alaska Airlines, which operated the 737 Max 9 during the flight, and United Airlines in a separate report noted that they had found loose parts in the door panels of some of their aircraft following subsequent inspections.

The National Transportation Safety Board federal investigators stated that they were currently trying to determine whether the plane door had any bolts attached to the aircraft before take off.

Over the years, Boeing had issues with various aircraft. The company has now pledged that they would address all of the findings of the investigation.

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