Trump Exposes Biden Over the Border

Photo by Humberto Chávez on Unsplash

( – Former President Trump recently criticized President Biden amidst ongoing discussions in the White House for a border security agreement. Trump highlighted that during his presidency, he managed to secure what he termed “the most secure border in history” without needing any new legislation or deals.

This critique came in the wake of President Biden’s assertion earlier in the week that he had exhausted all options within his power to fortify the U.S. border. Biden, seeking additional authority, expressed his frustrations, saying, “I’ve done all I can do. Just give me the power.” He emphasized his requests for more resources, including Border Patrol agents and legal judges, to address the situation effectively from the day he assumed office.

Trump, positioning himself as the leading candidate for the Republican party in 2024, advised Republicans to steer clear of the current border security negotiations in the Senate, asserting the uniqueness and effectiveness of the border control under his administration. He argued that a strong border does not necessitate a deal or legislation, emphasizing his stance against illegal immigration, drug trafficking, and human trafficking.

Highlighting the dangers of unchecked border crossings, Trump raised concerns about the unknown identities and backgrounds of individuals entering the U.S., suggesting that some may pose significant security risks, including those with criminal backgrounds and potential terrorists.

As these discussions unfold, the Biden administration has proposed a $14 billion budget for border security, part of a larger funding request that includes aid for Ukraine and Israel. This request faces negotiations in Congress, with some Republicans pushing for stricter asylum and migrant release policies.

The Biden administration defends its strategy, highlighting efforts to create lawful migration pathways and enhance border security measures. Despite these efforts, the administration acknowledges the need for more comprehensive immigration reform to address what it describes as a broken system.

Meanwhile, the surge in migrant arrivals, with December figures reaching a new high, has sparked criticism from Republicans, who attribute the crisis to the rollback of Trump-era policies and accuse Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas of failing in his duties. This has led to the House Homeland Security Committee’s recent move to advance impeachment articles against Mayorkas, setting the stage for a potential impeachment vote.

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