Trump’s Biggest Hater Celebrates After Brutal Loss

Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

( – In a recent turn of events, George Conway, a figure known for his conservative legal opinions, delivered a scathing critique of Donald Trump, labeling him a malevolent individual. This came in the wake of a legal decision mandating Trump to compensate E. Jean Carroll for defamation, following his consistent denials of her sexual assault allegations against him.

During an interview on CNN with Kaitlan Collins, Conway reiterated observations made by the trial’s judge, portraying Trump as someone incapable of self-regulation. He described Trump as deeply flawed, lacking in moral fiber, devoid of empathy or remorse, and exhibiting tendencies towards cruelty, as evidenced during the trial.

The verdict against Trump required him to pay a substantial sum of $83.3 million in damages to Carroll. This amount was divided into various categories, including $11 million for efforts to restore Carroll’s reputation, $7.3 million in additional compensatory damages, and $65 million in punitive damages.

This recent legal victory marks Carroll’s second successful claim for damages against Trump, following a previous $5 million award in a case that found Trump guilty of sexual misconduct in the 1990s and defamation in another instance.

Trump has expressed his intent to appeal the defamation verdict, which he termed as baseless, whereas Carroll and her legal team have celebrated this outcome as a significant victory.

Conway, who is in the process of separating from Kellyanne Conway, a former Trump advisor, noted that the jury recognized Trump’s disdain towards Carroll, citing numerous instances of slander and defamation.

The trial occurred amidst Trump’s campaign for the Republican presidential nomination, highlighting Trump’s commitment to attend the proceedings in New York despite his campaign obligations.

Conway voiced concerns about the politicization of the trial, pointing out that many within Trump’s party are aware of his character yet choose to remain silent. He called for these individuals to openly acknowledge Trump’s character, decrying him as a sexual predator and unfit for public office. Conway stressed that the matter is not about politics but about ethical judgment.

It was noted during the trial that Conway had previously encountered Carroll after she publicly accused Trump in 2019. He had advised her to file a defamation lawsuit and assisted her in finding legal representation.

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