Chris Christie Says Stephen A. Smith May Run for White House

Photo by David Everett Strickler on Unsplash

( – Former Republican presidential candidate Chris Christie believes sports commentator Stephen A. Smith may run for the White House in the near future.

The Washington Post reported that Christie had stated that it was not “imminent” but that it was far more likely that he would run for the White House at some point in the future, rather than him not running. 

Smith, who is the host of ESPN’s “First Take,” has for years sparked conversations about a possible political future which have only increased after he interviewed Christie last year. The 56-year-old host has also called out primary parties for their chosen candidates. 

Smith, who is a Democratic voter, has previously slammed the Democratic Party for selecting 81-year-old President Joe Biden as the candidate going up against former President Donald Trump in the fall. Smith, who has been critical of Biden’s age, has also defended the President in the past over some of the “disrespectful remarks” made by right-wing commentators such as Sean Hannity. 

Smith has also commented on the criminal hush money trial case which Trump is currently involved in, as he claimed that the strategy of the Democratic Party to have Trump involved in so many legal cases was likely going to lose support with voters. However, he noted that he wanted to see Trump lose in the November election the right way. 

Both parties have discussed with Smith the possibility of running for office. However, Smith has indicated that the only office he would potentially be interested in is the Oval Office. 

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