Trump’s Co-Defendant Threatens a Witness

Photo by Tingey Injury Law Firm on Unsplash

( – Kayne West former publicist, Trevian Kutti, who is a co-defendant in the Georgia election fraud case, recently shared a video online in which she stated that she would “f**k up” the life of a potential witness connected to the case. This statement could be considered a violation of her bond.

During an Instagram Live video, Kutti commented while answering one of the questions from the public. The video was recorded on November 28 and it has recently received a lot of attention because of a post made on Meidastouch, a Democrat-leaning news website.

Kutti started her life by stating that she was not in a position to discuss any of the case specifics. However, she told the Instagram Live audience that she could answer some more general questions that they might have. She then proceeded to get angry with one person who suggested that there was strong evidence against her.

It was at that moment that she said that it was not possible to kill former President Trump when his base was a “militia.”

Previously, Kutti, who is Black, has been critical of Black people who have backed the Democrat Party. As she argued, she wanted to respect Black people, but that when people came around her and acted crazy then they should expect to be “outdone.”

Regarding the case against her, she proceeded to note that there was a “woman sitting somewhere” who was entire that this entire case was a lie. She added that this woman knew that she would “f**k her whole life up” over her actions.

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